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About Us

Why we started JAR Matrix

With over 15 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, the team behind JAR Matrix knows how vital it is to offer essential training to the employees of small to medium-sized businesses.


Thanks to our own experiences working for various companies, and seeing the struggles they often face with quality management systems (QMS) we had a lightbulb moment.


We realised there was nobody providing basic but critical knowledge about the building blocks of (QMS) for small to medium businesses and even individuals who want to improve their skills and knowledge.


Not only are QMS absolutely vital for businesses to give their customers and clients trust in their products, but they also help maintain high-quality standards internally in a heavily regulated market. If these levels of quality are not maintained, businesses can face serious regulatory and public perception problems.


However, our in-depth research revealed that employees of all levels often failed to understand the reasons behind certain practices, that while big corporations had access to extensive training, smaller businesses needed simple, affordable training solutions that truly explained QMS in a relatable way. 


We needed to make compliance easier, to ensure both scientists and management knew exactly where they stood and to create a better, safer place to work for everyone. 


And so JAR Matrix was created. Designed to bring clear and concise training to employees and individuals, showing you how to manage QMS and how to integrate them into your business practices to maximise efficiency and regulatory compliance. 


Today, you can pick and choose modules and courses to create a bespoke experience, simply store records and always pop back for more information from our library, without having to host anything yourself.

JAR Matrix brings something new

We often find that employees working with regulatory QMS do not fully understand why those systems are in place or what their role is within these systems. 


At JAR Matrix we believe that the training of your people is a key element in ensuring success and compliance in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  


That’s why we wanted to come up with a simple solution that would help companies manage their training, but with all the complicated software hosted externally. 


We don’t just train your people, more importantly, we show them the value of these practices and how they add value to the business and their careers. 


It’s about making things relatable, about speaking in terms everyone will understand, offering different ways to learn and ensuring that everyone finishes a course with a really thorough understanding of the topic.


How does our platform work?


Simple, flexible and affordable, our training platform is designed for both businesses and individuals, who can choose from our library of courses quickly and easily. You simply select the modules you need to study to fully understand the building blocks of a quality management system.


The courses are constantly updated, which presents the opportunity for continued learning and development so you can hone your expertise and meet industry regulations.


You can track your progress, record the stages you have completed and use these courses to demonstrate your knowledge, referring back to any information you need in the future to refresh your memory. 


Whether you are looking for face-to-face training, a virtual classroom or e-learning, we keep it all stored in our JAR Matrix so you don’t have the hassle of managing the training software yourselves.



For businesses, we take the difficult and time-consuming issue of quality management training off your hands, providing a thoughtful and market-driven training solution package for you.


We also provide specific and customised training packages as well as using our unique selection techniques to help you understand exactly which employees are in need of training.


By developing our own training courses, we are able to tailor them to the needs of small to medium-sized companies, creating bespoke training programs for you and constantly updating our offering. 


Individuals who aren’t being offered training programs by their employers are also welcome to study modules in order to help with career progression or perhaps a side step within the industry. 


We are excited to collaborate with businesses and individuals on your journey through quality management systems and look forward to welcoming you to JAR Matrix.